What we do

Whole based mentoring -

Sporting Family Change has a whole based approach to mentoring which is unique. SFC works with a young person within their family unit and works with them on their strengths, helps them build on these successes and support them in areas of their lives where they may find life more challenging.

We are delighted to be working with the Young Carers Development Trust; this fantastic charity works with families who have very talented individuals, and in turn supports their individual development over a number of years.

SFC will work in schools and community settings to support these individuals and mentor them to reach their potential, often supporting the whole family to achieve success, however big or small, but which can have a major impact on a young person’s life.

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Whole based mentoring

H.O.P.E -

Health Opportunities through Physical Education is one of our exciting new programmes, tailored for family based activities, including sport, dance, physical activity and nutrition.

Sporting Family Change will work with partner organisations to educate all members of the family through nutrition advice and support, offering simple ideas to help you make the right choices, at affordable prices, for families to cook and enjoy together.

Having piloted sessions in the summer of 2014; mother and daughter classes will be starting across the locality, during Autumn, before working with dads to find out what will inspire them to get up and active with their children, or how we can support them to lead active lives every day of their life.


Employability -

Sporting Family Change works closely with young people, especially those with learning disabilities, families, agencies and employers to support and train the individual into employment, whether in a volunteer capacity or paid employment.

By getting those to know and understand the needs and interest of the young person, SFC supports them in their volunteer placement roles in a variety of workspace settings, whilst also guiding them through the interview process. At the same time SFC will work with employers to help create work experience opportunites and ultimately support these young people to gain the experience they need to help them achive successful paid employment. Families are an integral part of this process and are key to the success of supporting SFC and their child.

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