Social Activities

Fun inclusive outings for young disabled adults

Sporting Family Change social activities

Everyone wants to spend time doing things they enjoy, but for some having a social life is more challenging than others. We support local young adults (aged 18 – 25 years) who have a wide variety of learning difficulties including physical disabilities and long-term medical conditions to enjoy a varied and active social life. Working in partnership with Project Search across Bath and North East Somerset this helps meet a fundamental need in the community by offering sporting opportunities and social activities. The young adults have said that despite enjoying their work, they feel lonely in the evenings, as their friendships do not extend beyond the workplace.        

The programme of activities runs in the evenings and at weekends and has been devised by the young adults as they have said they would like to meet regularly, do fun activities that get them out of the house, meet new people as well as help them improve their fitness. Activities have included, Tae Kwan Do, Ten Pin Bowling, Adventure Golf, Ice Skating and a day out at the seaside.

Dave said “I love going out and making new friends. SFC are great and we do lots of fun activities together. My favourite was bowling.”