Jamie’s Farm Residential Week!


A week away with nature! Sixteen family members working with Sporting Family Change recently took up the opportunity to get away from their daily lives by spending a week at Jamie’s Farm. Living on site at the Farm situated in Corsham, the families were able to experience all aspects concerning farming and nurture; milking cows, chopping wood to fuel the biomass boiler, picking delicious organic fruit and vegetables in the garden, mucking out the horses and long country walks finishing with a refreshing swim in the Bye Brook river. They also took turns to collectively prepare and cook the delicious meals provided, all of which were healthy and highly nutritious.

Immersing themselves in the whole experience meant our families were able to spend much needed bonding time together as a collective unit to build family resilience in addition to having time away from their daily routines to reflect on their lives and the changes they would like to make. We have since continued to support these families to make their desired changes after they left the Farm, ensuring our partnership with Jamie’s Farm to be extremely beneficial for all involved.

Oscar, one of the teenage boys who benefited from the residential excursion said “I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. I love animals but am quite shy and didn’t want to get up early and do hard work! It was so much fun though, and I tried loads of new foods I’d never eat at home. I think I’ll try to drink less fizzy drinks now. Best part was trying to ride a pig!”